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Artisanal and sustainably produced rainbow trout delicacies & off-grid eco accommodation

Here at Two Dam Sustainable, we believe in farming and living in an ethical and sustainable manner. We offer a range of top-quality artisanal trout products which are highly sustainable and delicious, available by local delivery and at selected resellers and restaurants in the Montagu and Cape Town area. Our eco-friendly accommodation provides the perfect off-grid escape from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Our Farm

Our picturesque farm in the heart of the Klein Karoo is carbon neutral and family run. We, Vivian and Marco Harms, live on the farm with our two children, trusted employees Ben and Ganizani, adventurous German Short-Haired Pointers, Savé and Annie and our resident Leopard Tortoise, we have affectionately named Stompie.

Our Accommodation

The Kingfisher Cottages offer an eco-friendly escape into the Klein Karoo. You can choose from one renovated 100+ year-old stone cottage (1 bedroom) and three new naturally built cottages (2 bedrooms) which were completed in December 2019!

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Our Products

Our traditional curing and smoking processes ensure that our select range of artisanal rainbow trout products are delicious and of the highest quality. All of our trout products are made fresh, with no added preservatives or harmful ingredients.

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Farm Activities

Activities on the farm include fishing and tours and tastings to day-visitors and guests as well as hiking, mountain biking, birding and spectacular sundowner views.

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Our Ethos

We strive towards uncompromised sustainability in all fields of our farming and operational practices; from our Net Zero certification, our focus on renewable energy, our water supply and utilisation, to our alien clearing projects and waste management practices.

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