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Rock Pool Trail

Rock Pool Trail is located to the West of the main farm houses. It is marked at regular intervals with yellow leopard tracks to indicate the trail and path to stick to. The hike follows our main water pipeline for several hundred meters until you reach the start of the pipe and a centrifugal water filter mounted to a rock face, which filters our spring water.

The pool below is an ideal spot to cool off on a hot summer’s day and is almost 3 meters deep on the far side. Look out for Breederiver Redfins (endangered) and Cape Galaxis (near threatened), about finger long indigenous fish whose isolated geographic populations are under immense pressure due to loss of habitat, pollution and invasive predatory fish species. To continue use the chains upwards to the left of the filter. The trail continues above the filter and passes numerous shallower rock pools as one winds up the stream.

Approximately 20-30 minutes further from the filter a large deeper pool, named ’Echo pool’ due to the sheer cliffs surrounding it (marked with two leopard prints next to each other on the gentle rock face above the pool) signifies the end of the maintained trail.

This trail is not ideal for novice trail runners due to the challenging uneven and rocky terrain.


Leopard Kloof Trail

The Leopard Kloof Trail loops around the mountain to the south of the main Farm buildings through the more arid and sparser succulent Karoo vegetation on the upper reaches and denser fynbos in the two gorges that include it. This leisurely trail will take hikers approximately 2 hours to complete depending on fitness levels.

Starting from the main track in the East, the valley gets tighter, the vegetation denser and cliffs occur on both sides. Here you will find a small spring and a number of very small pools and abundant larger trees of which one, upon close inspection, will reveal the scratch marks of generations of leopards marking their territory and sharpening their claws.

The small shaded permanent spring attracts various game species to drink, and occasional predators in their pursuit.


Leopard Kloof Trail - Ridge Extension

A looped extension to the main leopard trail has been added to the west, leading up to a fold-mountain ridge and through sparser renosterbos vegetation. Before looping back, have a seat on a flat rock and take in the long distance view of russet coloured mountain folds and ridges to the west. This trail is ideal for trail runners along with the numerous two-tracks on the farm and in the vicinity. 

Ridge Trail Outlook.jpg
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