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Western Picnic/Sundowner spot

Easily reachable on foot or by car this spot was chosen for its spectacular sunset views over the fold mountains and valleys beyond. Keep an eye out for Klipspringer and red aloes on the surrounding slopes and birds of prey above. The site is within 100 meters of the car parking and offers some tree stumps to sit on and enjoy the breathtaking views with a cold beverage in hand and ample photo opportunities awaiting all around.

Eastern Picnic/Sundowner spot

To the East of the three cottages lies a foot path leading up a smaller hill. At first it meanders along the stream through Karoo thorn trees, before leading around the side and up around the left, at the top of which a wooden seating arrangement awaits, to sit and relax and soak up the views. A fossil band runs through the entire East-West of the farm and a significant portion of this is exposed and visible within a few meters. Please take nothing but memories & photos and leave only footprints;-) 

Ridge Road Picnic/Sundowner Spot

To the west of Malachite cottage at the highest point on the ridge road is a spectacular spot to view the valley eastwards with the mountains and skies reflecting the sunset colours. This site is accessible by road with parking within meter of the seating arrangement.

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