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Eco Pool


Above the three mudbrick cottages is a small spring, which historically fed a cement water reservoir built in the 1970’s which supplied crops around the original ‘Brandwacht’ building, estimated to have been built before the official demarcation of Farm Langhoogte in 1825. This building was also renovated and turned into a central boma at the end of the mud brick building project in 2019.

The leaking and dysfunctional reservoir was then refurbished and turned into a biological eco pool with a three tiered natural filtration bed filter. This system eliminates the need for chemicals and filters the spring water continuously as well as the recirculated pool water which runs during the day. Small fish were added to curb algae growth and some may even exfoliate your feet if you are patient and stand still in one spot.

Please beware of the unconventional steps and slippery surfaces, do not catch the fish and refrain from jumping into the pool.

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